TESS has provided security for Royalties, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and other VIPs here in Japan. All angles are covered to keep a safe and secure environment. With local knowledge and intel, our services will provide the best transport in and around Tokyo with confidence. They also must be able to take charge and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous incidents. Since our inception, we’ve provided security for special events all over Tokyo.

We have a large staff of bilingual security guards which is extremely helpful in this International city of Tokyo. When it comes to planning special events security, we will create a game plan for your event that will be managed by a chain of command structure and with an effective communication system that will keep you in the loop at any time. We’ll secure all perimeters of your event including the outer areas if needed, as well as the parking lot/area.

TESS takes the proactive approach. Our security game plan also includes planning for unplanned incidents, worst case scenarios, vandalism, thefts from autos, riots, intoxicated individuals, fighting, unruly conduct, medical emergencies, etc… We will do designated and random security checks around all perimeters of your event before, during, and after your event, to ensure that safety and order are in full effect. Special events security services concerts and musical festival events may require additional security because of many more risk factors that include the possible use of drugs and alcohol, age, aggressive audience behaviors, which can get out of control, etc… We have your best interest in mind.

Call TESS today to discuss the security logistics for your special event or tour. We’ll create a custom detailed plan and address all of your concerns, as well as giving you any suggestions that we feel may improve your overall security plan.